Mr. Ramanathan Palaniappan
Members :       Dr. R. Selvaganapathy            Dr. S. Jagathratchagan


Mr. Ramanathan Palaniappan has given the introductory talks in English about   Nayanmar’s in all the CD’s. He is

  • Engineering graduate and Great industrialist by profession

  • Heads the Sellvindsgroup of Industries.

  • Founded and heads the Chennai circle of Tamil Literature association

  • Has profound interest in bringing up the treasures of Tamil literature in English to show case them to the world.

  • Great and deep knowledge in Thirukkural, Naalayira Divya prabaintham and Abirami Anthanthi.

  • Delivering speeches in English about different Tamil literatures whenever he finds time on his busy schedule.

  • Sponsored for bringing up the Kolaru Pathigam in cassettes in which Dr.R.Selvaganapathy has given the talks.

  • Devotional, Cultured, a great human being by nature and a pleasant personality to move with.


Dr. S. Jagathratchagan


Dr. S. Jagathratchagan has given the Introductory talk about this project in all the CD’s. 

  • Solely sponsored this project of bringing up the nayanmar’s history in CD’s and Cassettes.

  • Founder of Bharath group of Institutions

  • Chancellor of Bharath Deemed university

  • Founder of Alwar’s research institute

  • A great contributor to the educational field by being the founder of Engineering and medical and other educational institutions.

  • Written a Detailed Description for Nalayira Divya Parbhaintham

  • Was a MLA and MP and served the people

  • Has a great interest and good knowledge on Tamil literature